The journalist from Connecticut named Shannon Mulaire worked for publications in Fort Myers, Tampa, and Dedham.

Mulaire joined the staff of NBC10 Boston and NECN in 2016 as a new hire. She worked as an anchor for the programs NBC’s Early Today and MSNBC’s First Look.

Her secondary schooling was at Phillips Exeter Academy, and she received a BA in Spanish and Cinematic Media Studies from Wellesley College.

Mulaire also received an MA in Broadcast Journalism from Emerson College.

What Happened To Shannon Mulaire?

Shannon Mulaire, who has worked with NBC10 for the past six years, has been absent from the airwaves in recent weeks.

Mulaire is not on any social media sites and has not made any announcements about her absence. However, soon there were whispers that she had left the station.

Official confirmation of her leaving the network has not yet been received. But it’s possible that she’s changing the station.

Her profile was also taken down from the NBC10 Boston website, adding credence to the rumors.

The NBC10 Boston regular viewers believe Mulaire wasn’t fired and didn’t quit the network on her own volition.

Her listeners, who have been watching her on Channel for ten years, are outraged by her abrupt departure from the network without proper sign-off.

Why Did Shannon Mulaire Leave NBC10 Boston?

In July 2022, Shannon Mulaire left NBC10 Boston. She was in charge of news reporting and column writing while working for the network.

She reportedly has the option of leaving NBC Boston or staying there until a formal statement is made about her future there.

The new anchor hasn’t yet revealed her genuine motivation for doing this. She said nothing more about it.

It was confirmed in July 2022 that Priscilla Casper had been chosen by the station to host the evening hour.

Colton Bradford’s role as Casper’s co-anchor has increased in addition to his midday hour.

According to the notification, NBC10 changed its lineup of anchors and let go of broadcasters including Shannon Mulaire.

Mulaire changed her LinkedIn to reflect that she is no longer an employee of NBC News, despite neither the network nor Mulaire having made an official statement.

Is Shannon Mulaire Still Married To Husband Randy Scott?

Randy Scott, an ESPN sportscaster and fellow news anchor, is married to Shannon Mulaire. On April 8, 2010, the couple exchanged marital vows at the Ritz-Carlton in Naples, Florida.

The Scotts had three adorably cute children during their marriage: Jack, Ryan, and Emma.

They haven’t shared each other’s photos on Instagram since they like to keep their personal lives quiet. Many people therefore ponder whether the pair is still together.

On their individual Instagram accounts, Mulaire and Scott both posted pictures of their children. However, there haven’t been any recent pictures of them together.

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Shannon Mulaire’s No Wedding Ring Fiasco Explained

According to our investigation, Mulaire and Scott have been dating for the past 12 years and are still quite content.

The Reason Behind Shannon Mulaire’s No Wedding Ring Scandal

The marriage of Shannon Mulaire is currently one of the topics that receives the most online discussion.

A snafu was created when observant viewers on an episode of NBC10 Boston observed that Mulaire wasn’t wearing her wedding band.

Internet people then began to believe that she had broken off her relationship.

She might not have been wearing the ring in that episode, though, for whatever reason.

No one has confirmed the many rumors of their divorce, despite there being many of them. Let’s hope their union is strong.