Top 10 HOTTEST Indian Girls On Instagram

Instagram without a doubt is one of everyone’s favorite photo-sharing applications around. It is not just an app that lets you post your pictures but a platform for many artists to showcase their work to the world.

Instagram has become the single biggest host of models from all over the world and we now have girls becoming professional Instagram models, where they post their photoshoots and endorse different products.

Indian beauties are no less when it comes to raising hotness quotient and raising the bars of boldness, cause “ain’t nobody like a desi girl.”

These gorgeous girls are beautiful and also lead such interesting lives because they travel around the world. These are few hotties who are equally famous but not because of their presence on silver screen but for their social media presence.

These hotties share their bold and steamy posts on Instagram and have gained massive numbers of fans on social media.

These girls may not be Bollywood celebrities but they are social media celebs in their own right. There are tons of beautiful men and women on Instagram, but some tend to really stand out from the rest.

Here is our list of the top 30 Hottest Indian Girls On Instagram that you should be following.

Ruma Sharma

Aditi Budhathoki

Lana Rose

Priyanka Tyagi

Priyanka in Black Saree

Purbasha Das

Zaara Yesmin

Aradhana Nayar

Ekta Jaggi

Charlie Chauhan

Prajakta Dusane