Paul Byrne Wiki (Lauren Jackson’s Husband) Age, Kids, Family, Biography & More

Paul Byrne is an Australian journalist who has married the national fame of the Australian basketball campaign, Lauren Jackson. Paul Byrne’s name has been addressed on the internet for being the spouse of Laurna’s Jackson. Therefore, this journalist has been highly admired by the basketball fans of Jackson all around Australia.

Paul Byrne With His Wife Lauren Jackson


Lauren was born on May 11, 1981. She is currently 41 years old. Whereas Paul Byrne took birth in the year 1979 in Australia. The age of this Australian journalist Paul Byrne is 43 years old.

It was reported that Paul was brought in one of the big cities in Australia and has studied journalism in a private graduating school. However, he is a very private person and has no social profiles on the internet.

Physical Appearance

  • Height: 6 ft 5 in.
  • Weight: 80 kg.
  • Hair color: Black.
  • Eye color: Blue.

Family and Ethnicity

No information has been found about his father, mother, sister, and sister. I assume that Byrne likes to keep his personal life private in order to avoid unnecessary media attention. The ethnicity of this journalist is white.

Paul Bryne is best known as the husband of Lauren Jackson

In the childhood age of Lauren, she used to be a sibling witnessing her family engaged in fairs of basketball franchises. Her parents Grey and Maree used to play for two different teams in basketball.

Her dad plays for Boomers and her mom used to perform for Opals. In her toddler age, she used to aspire like her parents and her grandparents to play basketball. Lauren’s grandmother also used to play basketball at her young age. Therefore, Luran was easily tempted to play basketball and started her career at 4 years of age.

At the same time, Paul was also admitted to be growing in his family background and was growing well in his family background. At the time, Paul was also supposed to brought up well in his local school and was progressing well in his academics.

There has been no news about his intention in the sports arena. This person stood in his career due to his success in the journalist area.

Married Life, Spouse & Kids

A strong rumor was also spreading on the internet that Lauren was having an affair with a Chinese personality named Yao Ming. But this evidence has not been proved and hence Luran was clean in her background characteristics.

Lauren was not been supposed to be in an affair with Paul before marriage and no news has been confirmed about their relationship. Paul and Lauren tied their knots in 2014 and held this new private to the media.

It has been known that the duo married in a private engagement and Luran and paul only invited their close friends and family to this occasion. This couple married beside a riverside arena and were dressed in ritual and formal wedding costumes.

On February 2, 2017, Paul Byrne and his wife share two beautiful sons including Harrison.

Playing Career

At the age of 6, Luran started her professional career and was hardly trained by her mother. As a renowned basketball layer, her mother used to support this child with all her credentials, and Lauren was deeply embedded with her lessons inside her.

At the age of 14, this teenager player got selected in the under 14 national time and was highly blessed with the credits. She became highly recognized after she led New South Wales to gold in her own spirits.

She also won the silver medal for Auistarliabn basketball women’s team at the Brazil Olympics in 1997. This player was also recognized in the top 20 sportspeople lost in 2018 along with Roger Federer and Tiger Woods.

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5 Random Facts about Paul Byrne

  • The Net worth of Paul Byrne’s is $1.5 million
  • She also won four times WNBL MVP titles in her life. Therefore, Paul is very much proud of his wife[1]Instagram.
Paul Bryne's wife Lauren Jackson and mother in law Maree Jackson
Paul Bryne’s wife Lauren Jackson and mother in law Maree Jackson
  • Byrne’s mother-in-law Maree has also won several titled in basketball and has also played for her University.
  • Jackson got tired in March 2016 and was supposed to be away from basketball.

  • Paul Byrne has a total of 2 children’s in his name.

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