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Kalvin Garrah is a YouTube personality who has gained huge popularity across the world. This young boy created a huge fan following through his Youtube channel. The gender of this personality is transgender and has more than 346,000 subscribers as of December 2020[1]YouTube


Kalvin Garrah Chilhood Pic

Kalvin Garrah’s childhood picture

Garrah’s birthday falls on the 6th of July and he took birth in 2000 in Maryland, The United States. Kalvin Garrah has a zodiac sign of Cancer whose element is water. The current age of this transgender creator is 20 years old.

In spite of huge searches on the Internet, no information has been derived about his educational qualifications.

Physical Appearance

  • Height 5 ft 6 in (167 cm).
  • Weight: 63 kg (132 lbs).
  • Hair color: Dark Brown.
  • Eye color: Brown.
  • Body type: Straight.


Parents & Ethnicity

Kalvin Garrah with his sister Lily Garrah

No details have been retrieved about his family. He seems to keep the names of his mother and father secret. Kalvin Garrah has a younger sister named Lily Garrah with whom he shares a very close bond.

The ethnicity of this male creator is white in nature.

Personal Life & Partner

Kalvin’s childhood picture created a lot of fuss in the earlier days of his internet career. From his origin of birth as a lady, she has been into a lot of struggles and criticism in getting transferred to a male in respect to her gender.

Being belonging to a transgender, he promotes a lot of support to his fellow mates belonging in every part of the world. However, his posts on the YouTube channel did some mishappening also and were also considers to be abusive to the other transgenders of the world.

In a petition on the “change.org” website, a huge number of people have gone against him. They filed a petition to restrict his channel. The number accounts for 62902 till now and is increasing rapidly on a daily basis.

The leader of this whole process admitted that Kalvin uses some wrong notations that ultimately leads to strong abusing and bullying of the transgender. Kalvin Garrah is also said to be removing the Youtubers that belong to this category and spreading hatred among them in society.

This type of malicious behavior may bring to misleading information and create a strong annoyance among the other parts of society. Whereas the original report includes that Kalvin has not spread so-called hatred to them and his videos may have been misjudged to the negative persons of the community.

It can also be seen that one person in the petition document has commented about the creator’s well-being nature and smart acting in spite of being a transgender. The anonymous person also claimed the signing person as a clown to move against Garrah who is a wonderful Youtuber spreading love via his channel.

Kalvin Garrah with his former girlfriend Hannah

In his personal relationship, it has been known that this amazing creation has previously dated a girl “Kenna Noel” for one and a half years up to 2018 and later moved to a new girl named Hannah.

However, in 2019, the artist publicly declared that a new girl named Sienna is Kalvin Garrah’s partner.

Internet Career & Net worth

Kalvin Garrah has over 346 K subscribers on YouTube

This internet celebrity started his Youtube channel at the young age of 11 when his peers used to have little knowledge about its community platform. Due to his gender inequalities in his body characteristics, he always wanted to promote his distract feel to the world and took care of the ones who cannot bear the differences in gender.

This specific mood leads him to make Youtube videos and he started this on the 1st of October, 2011 with a suitable thumbnail called “Gender-neutral Lookbook”. In this video, he showed himself as a girl and how to took I’m time to get transferred to a male.

It also depicts the differences between proper male and female characteristics.  After this video, Kalvin did not top and went on making several challenging videos that a person exhibits in converting his gender.

This male videomaker also made videos on several pranks and funny ones to accommodate the sense of humor in any respect to the gender of the defining person.

The Net worth of Kalvin Garrah is $147K USD approximately, as of 2020.

10 Random Facts about Kalvin Garrah

  • Kalvin also sells his own signed garments that are always available on Tespring.com.

  • This male person has currently 292K subscribers on Youtube.
  • He has also 15.6K followers on Twitter.
  • Kalvin Garrah also has 151k followers on Instagram[2]Instagram where he entertains his audience by posting his daily lifestyle.
  • In the clothing website, this creator sells all kinds of hoodies and printed t-shirts.

  • Garrah is also fond of electric guitars and likes to play them.

  • He has been banned from the platform of Twitter a total of four times.

  • This person is a foodie and likes to eat pizza.

  • The transgender has also got tattoos on his arms.
  • The most-watched video on his channel is The Worst Transtrender I Have Ever Encountered (Trans Guys React) which has 1.7 million views as of December 2020.

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